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Bobby Orr's Rookie Card

On January 9, 1979 the Boston Bruins held, "Bobby Orr Night". When Bobby was finally introduced, the Garden crowd stood and cheered for eleven minutes and would not let Mr. Orr speak. Finally the noise subsided and the #4 was raised to the rafters while Bobby and his family looked on.

Did you know that when Orr first came to Bruins training camp he was assigned #1.

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For 13 years Robert Gordon (Bobby) Orr set practically every record in hockey that you can imagine for a defenseman. 
He altered the game of hockey forever.

One of the many astonishing feats of Bobby's career was his +/- ratio.  Bobby ended his career with a +/- ratio of 597. His best season was 1970-71 when he concluded with an NHL record of 124.
Just so you know Wayne Gretzky's best +/- season was 98. In his career Bobby never had a negative +/- season.

So it is not surprising that Bobby won two Stanley Cups, one in 1970 and the other in 1972.  And was named MVP for Team Canada in 1976 in the Canada Cup.

Bobby Orr today, spends the majority of his time helping charities throughout Canada and the USA.

No wonder he was and still is such an inspiration to all on and off the ice surface.


Robert (Bobby) Gordon Orr
(Bobby) ORR

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